Monday, October 28, 2013

Outside of my conform zone!

Our son is a student in Minneapolis. That city is “his” city. He fits it and it fits him. If you have never gone there, plan a trip NOW! It really is a vibrant and exciting city.  Well, finish reading and looking at my cool pix first. Until this year he hasn’t really lived in a “real” apartment. I classify a real apartment as one not owned by a university and where you can put nail holes in the walls and the landlord is probably okay with it because they are going to patch and repaint when you leave anyway. And, if you are going to move into a real apartment, you need real bedding, right?

This quilt design is from Alissa Haight Carlton’s book Modern Minimal.  It was so much fun to piece!

I jumped on the modern quilting bandwagon and so love it! That doesn’t mean I don’t embrace traditional quilting; I just love the fresh looks, bold graphics and geometric designs of modern fabric over the tiny prints of our grandmothers’ day.

I quilted it on my own sewing machine – my first real adventure into free motion quilting. It wasn’t perfect but it was a good start. I had to tear out the stitching from the black bars on my first attempt because I just couldn’t get the tension right on my (at least) 15 year old machine. I’m so glad I tried machine quilting because I got what I really wanted from the quilting instead of just an all over design. Thank you Elizabeth Hartmann and Angela Walters (clearly I idolize them)!

After I washed it, the quilting got all soft and crinkly like it was timeworn. Love it!

The original name of the quilt is Oddballs. I thought that oddball had a bit of a negative connotation so I decided on the name Outliers. Another fitting example – our son is a bit of an outlier and proudly so. Throughout his journey in middle school, high school and now college, I’ve come to appreciate much more the whole idea of NOT conforming just to fit in. Don’t get me wrong – conforming is a fabulous thing, but not if it truly pains you to do so. Most of the time I personally like conforming and I like it when others conform. But I also think really great ideas come from non-conformance.  I’ve come to recognize that the artistic bend I have in me has to embrace that as well.

This quilt now graces our son’s bed in Minneapolis and he has gotten several positive comments on it. At least that’s what he tells me. And no, you probably won’t see a picture of it on his bed. He is a college student after all.  :P