Sunday, November 10, 2013

I had no business!

This is my quilt to-do list:

Three of those are already works in progress (WIPs). Four of them I purchased the fabric over a year ago.  And yet, when we returned from a long FABULOUS weekend of visiting our daughter at college, I started a new project.  I had no business doing that!

The fabric is Snap Pop by Sandy Gervais. The quilt pattern is Do Si Do from Twin Cities Quilting. This fabric is so bright and fun and just gorgeous! I love finding fabric that captures the personality of the quilt’s recipient. This quilt is for my sister Carol and she is bright, fun, playful and just gorgeous too!!

And I cut pieces for days!  LOTS OF PIECES! When we got back from Virginia and North Carolina, I had an entire afternoon to sew. The day ended with my trusty companion.
Yep! All 57 of the 8” blocks had to be taken apart because my seam allowance was off. Serves me right! I had no business starting something new. Especially after getting up at 3:30am that morning to catch the red-eye flight back home. My hypersensitive attention got the best of me.  By the end of the week, I was back on track.

Voila!!  Is that not gorgeous????  My sister wanted a spring/summer quilt and a fall/winter quilt so she could change them out with the seasons. What a fabulous idea!!!  When I finish my quilting to-do list, perhaps I will do the same for our own bed.  :P BTW – I just noticed that her fall/winter quilt isn’t even on my to-do list.  HA!

Random thoughts:

  • White boards are the worse for list making people. There’s something about crossing out an action item over erasing it that is much preferred in my opinion.
Not the prettiest food picture but it was too late to go back to take a new one.  It was already gone. So good!!!


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