Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How I Saved My Family from the Apocalypse OR How Quilting Became an Issue of National Security

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. I try each year to really focus on the true meaning and help create the best holiday possible for my family but, like most of us, I usually get wrapped up in the excess – too much to do, too little time - would someone please take their finger off the fast forward button! – too many expenses, too little funds – Murphy’s Law invariably kicks in for us this time of year.
In our 28 years of marriage, quite likely 20 of those Christmases we have had a major expense this time of year. This year was no different. Last Thursday morning, the windshield cracked clear across in the uber cold weather Wisconsin has been having. Sunday, the furnace blower went out. Monday, the battery died on the other car. When all was said and done, Monday was an expensive day to the tune of $1000.
But quilting saved our lives. When we described the events through Sunday night to our son on the phone he replied that not having a furnace wasn’t too bad since I had made enough quilts to protect this family through an apocalypse. Now, as someone who thoroughly enjoys making quilts and who has no desire to stop buying fabric I have to comment that it will likely take another 20-30 years of making quilts to properly protect my family in an apocalypse. I intend to work towards that goal, but I appreciate #1’s sentiment. And thank you dear son for justifying my fabric addiction.  ;)

The to-do list was pretty long this weekend but very little of it involved sewing. What did hint at sewing, I can’t show you because it’s a gift and there are blog elves out there that would clearly spill the beans.  So here are some glimpses into my list – probably pretty similar to yours.
The tree needed decorating. It had only been up for a week without ornaments.
Mr. Left Brain needed a haircut. He wants me to assure you that that is NOT a bald spot but simply the way the light is hitting his scalp when I took the photo.

Presents got wrapped in lightning speed while #2 was out for her 12 mile run. Yes, I did say 12 miles – INSANE!

Bows for the boughs got made and hung which Mother Nature subsequently buried with snow.  It’s still kind of pretty though.
Something pretty fabulous got made with these corks during craft time with #2. Such fun and turned out so good. I can’t show the whole thing until after Christmas but this will be a repeat make.  Looks like more wine will need to be had.
The last mitten of 2013 was finished today. I’m taking a much needed break until January 2. I’m so happy with the result of my mitten project this year. This pair is #50. With 50 more to go, I’m hoping to finish this time next year. If you are a giver of a pair of mittens or a recipient, please leave a comment on this blog.  I would SO LOVE to hear from you!!
Some last minute groceries were gotten.  This round was for our chili supper and Christmas morning breakfast. Mr. Left Brain and #1 ventured to Walmart the Saturday before Christmas to do the bulk of the grocery shopping.  Thank goodness!!! I would have jumped .  . . . anywhere . . . . into traffic . . . . over a bridge . . . .off a cliff . . . .  if I had to do that task.
And finally, my wee bit of sewing – which I can’t show you in its entirety until after the holiday.
And yes, saving my family from the apocalypse was also on the to-do list. Mission accomplished – this time. Time to make a new list!

Random Thoughts

  1. Even though I’m not fond of Christmas, it is just about the best thing to happen to winter. This week is the one time of year I don’t mind the snow. We’ve been blessed with an abundance of it this year already. However, it is a bit like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation and sticks around way too long. 
  2. Life is good! It just is! Enough said.

Merry Christmas! TTFN!