Monday, December 9, 2013

Cats, Carol’s Garden and the Gratitude Project Follow-up

A few weeks ago I posted about my gratitude project to help the poorest people on earth gain human dignity. I had started knitting mittens that I was subsequently going to sell giving all the proceeds to Father Larry Canavera’s Friends of Haiti mission WHEN I HAD 100 PAIRS OF MITTENS.
Well, you couldn’t wait! And quite frankly, nor could I. By this weekend, I will have sold 39 pairs and have 7 pairs left in stock. Thanks to you, we will be making nearly a $400 contribution to Friends of Haiti, Inc. by Christmas. WOW!! I am overwhelmed with your support!  I never in my wildest dreams would have expected this kind of response and I am overjoyed. I will continue to knit throughout the year until I get to 100 pairs. As winter is just now upon us, feel free to contact me if you want to purchase a pair at any time. A thousand times thank you!!

I think what makes these mittens such great gifts is that while you warm your hands, you can also warm your heart knowing your purchase is going to something so important. And I know that many of you agree with me. Therefore, if you are giving mittens as a gift, I’ve created a gift tag for you to use that says just that. Click on the tag below to download the PDF, print it and trim it on the black lines. Voila!

I was in Vegas for work last week which meant I had sewing withdrawal by the time I got back. Mr. Left Brain was kind enough to leave me with lots of free time (i.e. he did laundry AND cleaned while I was gone, and then cooked much of the weekend – what a guy, right?) because he knew I would want to be sewing. I worked a bit on Carol’s Summertime Garden (which is what I’m calling my sister’s spring/summer quilt).

I have sewn 5 of the 8 rows together and found it rather sarcastic to photograph while it had begun to snow.  I also decided it needed to be bigger so I planned out some borders and added to the back which required a fabric purchase.  Oh darn!

I adore that lime green which will ultimately frame the quilt with some borders! The squiggle stripe will be used for the binding and the mosaic will make the back a bit more interesting that a single color of backing fabric. Not quite sure how I’ll piece the back yet but it will be grand! Has to be to match my sister’s personality!!

I also started a little project for myself. I’ve wanted to do a quilt-along since I first heard the word. And my absolute favorite modern quilter, Elizabeth Hartman, started one over at her blog. I had some catching up to do so I hunkered down and made cat blocks for a good chunk of the daylight hours.

I’m having so much fun digging through my itty bitty scraps and pairing up fabric from all the projects I’ve worked on up to this point. These cat blocks measure only 4 ½” x 5 ½” and Elizabeth has adorably named each block releasing a new one each day. Meet Ferdinad, Bernadette, Sunny, Mia and Krista (first row) and Jennifer, Chowder and Ralphio (second row).  I’m suspecting the last cat block is to be released on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to me!!  I think they look absolutely adorable photographed in the freshly fallen snow.

Random Thoughts

  1. Midwesterners talk an awful lot about the weather. I think we feel like warriors because we can endure extreme temperatures and massive amounts of winter precipitation. While I would easily forgo a Wisconsin winter, the Midwest has some of the friendliest, salt of the earth kind of people. I like that and I’m proud of it too!
  2. I love the crunching sound your boots make in fresh snow. And I like looking back at my footprints to see “where I’ve been”. One of my favorite Christmas songs is Good King Wenceslas. If you don’t know the words, check the link to view them. There’s a really cool reference to footprints in the song that makes me think of footprints way different than most.

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