Monday, February 10, 2014

Keeping the WIPs Under Control

I don’t think I am unique as a quilter when I say that I typically have several projects going on at one time. Most of my peers are on board the same ship. The quilting community even has some clever acronyms for our plight – WIPs or works in progress, UFOs or unfinished objects. We all know that it is because we get bored with a particular project or it may not be going well so we ditch it and start a different one. Picking out fabric and starting is often the most fun part of the process. It’s when you are in the middle of it and realize you need 672 of those pesky half-square triangles that it all gets a bit mundane and you lose a bit of focus.

I currently have 4 projects in varying stages of completion but you already know that I have several others that I have fabric for but haven’t started. You may not think so but it takes an awful lot of discipline to not start those too.

In 2013 my beautiful and talented daughter started a Christmas tradition I hope she continues. She bought me a quilting book. Owning quilting books is another secret passion. They are beautiful to look at and touch – especially the matte finish covers (I’m a very tactile person) – and they provide an amazing amount of inspiration. Continuing her tradition, I got this book from her this past Christmas:

It seems only fair that I make this said daughter, who adores Christmas, a quilt from the book she gave me. I had an Amazon gift card that was burning a hole in my e-mailbox so I picked up this.

Now I just need to decide, should I make this one:

Or this one:

Of course, it is taking just about everything out of me to NOT start just yet. Sensibility tells me I HAVE to finish some of the other WIPs – primarily because some have deadlines. In the meantime, I would love to know what you think. Which one should it be? Do you have parts of your daily life – hobbies or to-do items – that become WIPs or UFOs? I would love to hear from you.

Random Thoughts:

1.  Sadly, I said good bye to a great co-worker last week because he took a job elsewhere. He’ll be missed. I know this because I’ve worked at enough places to realize you say you’ll keep in touch but over time the things that bound you in common interest are lost. I truly wish you all the best Mr. F! The place is already not the same without you!

2.  The chicken rice soup from The Pioneer Woman that I spoke of previously was phenomenal!

Mr. LB made her perfect potato soup while I was away with my sisters on Sister Weekend. Equally as good! I could get into this whole soup for dinner gig! More importantly, I could definitely be down with Mr. LB cooking dinner!!

TTFN! Life is good – it just is!

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  1. I vote for the first quilt shown... I like the way it looks all crumpled up!