Monday, March 31, 2014

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I am switching over to Word Press for my blog because it's way simpler for a non-technical person like myself. So, if you subscribe to this blog via one of the readers, can you please change the address to my page to  I hope that you continue to follow me - I appreciate every single reader I have. You guys make it worthwhile to continue to do this!!!! Below is my most recent post over at word press.

March 23 / 2014


The weekend before last, Mr. LB went to Minneapolis to visit with our son and have some father/son bonding time. They went to the auto show and picked up one of these for me:

A girl can dream, right?
Anyway, with Mr. LB out of the house, I had most of Friday and Saturday by myself – just me, fabric, thread and my sewing machine. {Insert the sound of angels singing here.}


I have this deadline looming over my head that needed some serious attention. And you know, while I don’t like making long term goals, I’m always up for the challenge of setting goals to accomplish in the short term. Sort of like lists but just in my head.

You see one of my sisters is getting married at the end of April. Who doesn’t love a wedding? But the cool thing about this one is that my sister is 54 and this is her first marriage. I guess she was just waiting for Mr. Right!! So, this wedding, this marriage deserved something BIG! Something REALLY big! Something COLOSSAL!
Well, really it’s just because they have a king-sized bed.


I had started this quilt way back in December thinking I had plenty of time. It’s the Pinwheel Paradise quilt from one of Pam and Nicky Lintott’s jelly roll books. After all they had been engaged a whole year without setting a date; I figured it would be awhile. It was at Christmas that they announced they would be marrying April 25. What? April 25? As in 4 months from now? All work on other projects had to cease. Now you know how hard it is for those of us who are deficit in the attention department to work on ONE thing until it’s done, right?!?!


So on aforementioned weekend, some serious sewing was to commence. I was about half way done with the quilt and set a goal to complete 17 blocks that weekend. With 56 blocks in this quilt, this thing is BIG! (see above – 100″ x 110″) and each block took about an hour to complete – there’s a lot of coordination of the colors, HSTs to be made, pressing, pressing and more pressing. Oh gawd the pressing!


The weekend started out real strong and I even initiated an Instagram campaign that my (six) followers could join in on (HA!). By Saturday morning at 2am, when I finally called it a night, I had completed nine blocks.



In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I took a break from sewing to lay out the remaining block colors.
After a couple hours rest and some much needed housework, I was back at the drawing (well, sewing/cutting/pressing) table.


By the time I laid this block out on Saturday afternoon, I was wishing they would sew themselves. But I persevered.


By Saturday’s end, the last set of HSTs were cut, sewn and trimmed and 15 blocks had been completed.
The cool thing about this quilt is once a block is sewn, and subsequently a row is sewn, the vertical and horizontal sashing is also added. I can’t imagine the logistical nightmare it would have been to sew all the blocks and save the sashing until the end.


No, I don’t sew over pins. (If you could see me now, you would see that my fingers are crossed behind my back to protect me from the lie I just told).
Mr. LB and our son (he was on spring break) came back about 8pm on Saturday and I called it quits for the day recognizing that you CAN have too much of a good thing. (We went to Culver’s for some much needed nourishment!)


By Sunday afternoon I had reached my goal leaving seven more blocks to complete this past week.


Which I finished on Friday. Since then, the borders have been added and I have a date with Angie at The Quilting Connection for quilting on April 11. And . . . . that’s the last you’ll see of it until she sees it.
So a Very Important Person Work in Progress indeed! I think you’ll agree!
This post, I’m trying something new and I’m linking up to Freshly Pieced’s Wednesday Work in Progress!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Because the post is already so long, I’m forgoing Random Thoughts. Please forgive.
Life is good! It just is!
TTFN – Annette

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Brave Post!

There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on because we were traveling one week and then had our daughter home with us on her spring break. I wanted to spend what little time I had in the evening with her so quilting took a bit of a hiatus. I did work a bit on Cats 2 which I'm calling Caterwauling.

I finished quilting this wall hanging in a marathon session on Sunday after we dropped her off at the airport. Let me tell you, straight line quilting at ½" on center is good therapy for the "missing your kids" blues.

The week we were traveling we had been in Blacksburg, Virginia at the Virginia Tech campus for our daughter's indoor track conference championship. I'm grateful that she runs long distances to make these trips worthwhile. I pity the parents who travel 13 hours to see their kids run a 55m dash indoors or do three jumps or throws.

Bravery Example #1: She ran the 3K on Friday and the 5K on Saturday. Whew! I tire just thinking of it. (For those of you unfamiliar with indoor track: the track is 200 meters so a 3000 meter race is 15 laps and the 5000 meter race is 25 laps. Mind numbing I tell you!  A standard outdoor track is 400 meters. Fewer laps - same distance. :P) She did so well taking seventh and fifth respectively in the Big South conference. Mr. LB and I are both so proud of her!

That's her in the front. Not a great photo but you can't believe how hard it is to take photos when you are incredibly excited and cheering your lungs out for your kid. Literally! Mr. LB lost his voice for days.

Anyhow, traveling that far meant about 26 hours in the car for us. I had set the goal of knitting three pairs of mittens during the time. I did accomplish my goal but I can't tell you how bored with knitting mittens and being in the car I've become. But I was back knitting on Tuesday morning when we drove to work.

If you've been following this blog for awhile you would know about my mitten project. I have just finished pair #67 with 33 more pairs to go. I think we still have a bit of winter left so if you are in need of a new pair of mittens or want to plan ahead for Christmas, any of the ones pictured here are for sale at $10/pair. As in the past, ALL PROCEEDS go to Friends of Haiti. Just leave me a comment - if you are local, we can arrange pick up. If you are willing to pay shipping, I'll gladly ship anywhere. This is most likely the last time I'll be offering them until next fall.

I'm anxious to finish these mittens because I got this a few weeks back:

And I really want to make a garment for myself. I know very little about garment sewing and even less about garment knitting. This book's emphasis is on knitting garments that FIT and FLATTER. But first the scary part . . . . . you have to take pictures and measurements of yourself and ANALYZE them.

Like most women, I don't like photos of myself. If you've noticed, I don't even have a profile picture on this blog and I've been at this since October. And my Facebook profile photo is the back of my head. Lovely, right?

Awhile ago, this Dove commercial was circulating Facebook. It has come back around and I happened to watch it again as I was planning out this week's post. If you haven't seen it, it is an absolute MUST SEE! (If you want a bit of humor, watch the male satire version too.)

And then my daughter put this on my sewing machine:

What a sweetheart, right? How can I tell people and hear people tell me how beautiful she is and how she looks just like me and not feel beautiful myself?

So here's Bravery Example #2:

Acccckkkkk! Now it's out there. Me! In living color! On the web! My daughter helped me with this exercise. The good news (well, good for knitting garments at least) is according to Knit to Fit, I'm considered evenly proportioned and not top heavy or bottom heavy.  But the coolest thing the author says in this book is that while it can be uncomfortable seeing ourselves in pictures, most people focus on our face when they speak to us and those that know and love us do so because of our personality and not our outwardly appearance.  Duh, right?

So when all the mittens are knit, I can move on to knitting garments - and it will be one of these two from the book.

(Apparently this model is, like me, evenly proportioned. I'm honestly envious of THAT hair!! I KNOW I could look amazing in either of these sweaters with THAT hair!!!) I'm so ready to get started! However, I have enough WIPs in the sewing field, I'm NOT going to do the same with knitting. So stay tuned!

Random Thoughts
1.      February remains the longest month of the year! So glad that's done for awhile again. I truly believe that Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day are there just to keep us from jumping off a cliff during the endless cold and snowy winter days.

2.      The black bean brownies were delish! You should definitely try them! Don't be fooled into thinking they are healthy though. There are still plenty of calories in them - especially when you consume ½ the pan by yourself. However, no adverse effects were felt in our household. I think you know what I mean.

TTFN! Life is good - it just is!!